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Irksome Youth
03/30/2004 @ 5:59am

Ugly is his soul
Dark as night
Hard to see is his dark soul
For he hides it
Behind his drama and his laugh
A laugh so fake it sends chills down my spine
Watching the others
Swallow his facade so readily
Makes me feel like I am never there
That he steals their hearts
With such ease and precision
I feel sick in my stomach and heart
He pretends not to care
Making others feel for him
Reaching out to him
They are already his
Such an illusion he puts on
To hide his darkness
With that twisted laugh
I am drawn in
And have been more than once
But back away
And receive rejection from my friends
Who were swept up by is deceitful ways
So easily
That he cracks that crooked toothed grin
And turns his back on me
With the rest of the world
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