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04/21/2004 @ 9:32pm

I loathe these wannabe saints
You know the sort
So wrapped up in their self righteousness
That they feel enlightened
High on their own sense of perfection
That they try to encompass and cloud
Your fragile mind into believing
Everything that they say
Always feeling the need
To add their own opinions
And transform opinion into fact
Without your consent
And then choke you with their beliefs
Resist if you value your freedom
God gave you freedom
The freedom to think
The freedom to feel
And the freedom to ignore these self serving martyrs
Just throw it back at them
Right in their stubborn faces
Tell them to get off their crosses
And stop their incessant whining
Mind you their passion is strong
But their intentions are cold
So take them down
Break their crosses
And burn the wood to stay warm
Amid their intentions
Those liars
All of them
But don't believe me to be enlightened
I only see what happens and feel the need to inform
Not enlighten and change your life
Another man had the same idea
Except we nailed him to a cross pretty good
And I'd rather not have that happen to me
I'd rather not be a martyr
Like all those other fakers.
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