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Game Of Life
07/13/2004 @ 8:33am

so pin me to the wall with your untamed words
you would expect them to just cut right through me, even kill me like
with every step i take i fall 2 steps back
but with this love of mine i'm being put right back on track
i'm becoming the girl i wanna be and not the one i was
i don't wanna be that girl anymore just because
i don't wanna live in the past
life is too short and goes way too fast
i am loved and i have a place
i'm not a waste of this morbid earth space
i will continue to live on
even though this life is just one big con
surrounded by people's lies,lust, hatred and greed
on that i will no longer feed
there are the few with truth,faith,love,and forgiveness
you got to live life to fullest but also with awareness

play the game of life or life will play you
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