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Message from the Disgruntled Poet
07/19/2004 @ 1:43pm

I am not weak
Not as weak as you
I am an artist
Unlike you
I write my work
I don't produce
One piece after the other
Like a mindless emotionless machine
You sit there
Satisfied with yourself
I see you there
Laughing at me
And my pitiful collection of emotion
Made nothing by your mountain of mediocrity
Or is it made nothing
Or simply admired by those who seek truth in words
And not in form or words found in the dictionary
Not spoken since they were written
Why is he so angry you ask yourself
Because something has happened to the poetic guild
A loss of duty and a loss of humanity
We are not above any or all of our peers
We are all the same
No crown is to be placed on the heads of those who write the most
Or those who write with the most soul
There should just be the poems
And nothing more
Why is it you seek accolades
Do you really need the simple minded ones
Who write rhymes as though of a five years aged mind
It is not needed
You can rise above such baser needs and wants
Be the poet
The one who takes life and writes it in their own way
The way things would be if they were the light
Shed some with your words
Not ignorance
There is enough here to make the oceans turn and the clouds burn
This is a warning to future masters of the pen
Do not succumb to such barbaric and primitive feelings of glory
It is not glory you seek
It is the light and truth
Your light and truth
You want spread
Some day as vastly as ignorance.

~for all future poets and even some veterans~
Copyright © warriorpoet, All Rights Reserved

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