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The Firestarter's Sorrow
07/22/2004 @ 9:29pm

I ignite things just to watch them burn
And you may laugh but for this reason I yearn
I yearn for the sweet smell of smoke as it molests my nostrils
I yearn for the heat
The heat blazing from the flame's enticing and hypnotic movements
Swaying and inviting
Inviting you to join them
In their dance of death and life
As though the celebration of heat and light is for all to partake
When all it leaves behind is ash
Sad as it all happens
The fires diminish
Yet the firestarter that I am
The firestarter that I will forever be
Draws another and once again brings it to the world
A new celebration of dancing and heat
It will never stop
I won't let it
The fires will keep burning
For my unending yearning
Will never subside
And as the light flickers
My heart beats quicker
As I know that I cannot do this forever
And my god
The fire has gone out.
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