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We Were The Best Of Friends
08/14/2004 @ 9:17am

We were the best of friends
and so we thought it would never end
But to one's surprise
Problems arise
They are none of our own
But you insist on leaving me alone
You said you'd always be there
Only for me to come to realize you didn't care
Nowadays it's about fitting in
No longer about the person within

I was there when no1 else was there
All so you could live without that fear
Now I fear , NO, now i know
To you I owe
This fear of being cast away and put aside
All because you stabbed me and left my side

Although when years pass and I forget about you
You'll still be thinking of me when the day is through
I'll have the life that I wanted
And you will live your life taunted

So in the end
You were never my friend
So keep on living your lies
Untill you realize
You made the biggest mistake
When you decided to forsake

We were the best of friends
And so it comes to an end
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