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09/11/2004 @ 6:46am

Here's a little poem, wrote especially for you,
it comes form my heart, and I mean it too!
I put my heart out on a shelf,
while you steadily yucked someone else.
Yucking irrate? Oh yeah, you bet!
You haven't seen nothing, yucking yet!
Yuck everyone than yucking knew!
Yuck your friends, they are so few!
Yuck all the times that you lied!
Yuck all the tramps you tried to hide!
Yuck the car! Yuck the truck!
Yuck fou and your yucked up luck!
Yuck the flowers and gifts form you!
They're a yucking act, ain't it true?
Yuck fou and everything you said!
Yuck the 1st time we went to bed!
Yuck fou and the trip you're on!
Yuck the places your unit has gone!
Go ahead, run and yucking hide!
I'll make you wish you'd yucking died.
Yuck fou in your yucking rear!
You yucking like it! Ain't that queer?!
In bed you're nothing but a yucking bore!
If you were the last one left, I'd yuck no more!
I lied to you once and said you were the best...
better than one, but not as good as the rest!
Yuck the beginning! Yuck the end!
Yuck what you own, and the money you spend!
You're a yucking ass! You're a yucking dick!
Thinking about you, makes me yucking sick!
Yuck your dirty looks and attitude!
I can't believe that you're so yucking rude!
I'm yucking tired! I'm yucking beat!
I'll yucking say it...I admit defeat!
I'll be glad when you're yucking gone!
I've already stayed way too yucking long!
Yuck it all! I'm through with you!
But you'll yuck this up, like you always do!
You need to pack it up and yucking go!
I'm tired of watching your yucking show!
Your yucked up words, are all yucking lies!
Why do we keep saying these yucking good byes?
If you can take 1 away form yucking 2...
What you will see, is me not yucking fou!
Leave yucking fast. Leave yucking slow.
I don't care! Just yucking go!
My last words are ever so true...
I hate your guts, and YUCK FOU!

Copyright © sharleea, All Rights Reserved

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