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The Journey
10/09/2004 @ 9:29pm

Telling myself that it will all end soon
Reminding myself that Iím not a fool
Questioning myself to the point of insanity
Thereís no turning back
Wind howling and surrounding me
As I take that one step beyond myself
All of my familiarity
All of my comfort
Gone in that first step
Nothing but myself to keep my company
Not a mention of my sanity
It too left me with that first step
But let us never speak of it again
The steps following were not easily taken
Every step was a longer and more jagged knife
Being driven into my heart
This is what I chose to do
There is no turning back now
Wavering and quaking
Bleeding and breathing heavily
I continue on
What am I thinking
Where am I going
Who can I turn to when I have only myself to turn to
The air is cold and damp
As gray envelops the sky
Standing in the middle of a dirt road
I see myself as the sky
Nothing but a reminder that I am subject to change
Without my consent
Without my being ready
Without my fear in check
Without my sanity
Without another thought
I cross paths with death
We see each other
Death smiles at me
And I glare at him
I donít suppose youíve ever scared death before
So let me tell you how death runs
It runs like the blood in your veins
When you are at the height of your rage
Enraged and bloodthirsty
You are human
Do not worry
With one more step I stop and realize my goal
The journey I have taken has taken me beyond my world
My own peace of mind
My own soul
Exposed for the world to see
Naked and alone
Standing yet cringing
Against a cruel and unusual world that I have not made.

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