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10/20/2004 @ 12:34pm

Three shots were heard but I can feel no pain,
only a bright light that concealed my frame,
a soft voice that demanded "be not afraid",
"for your time of trouble has come to an end",
need nothing be said just a picture displayed,
a younger vision of I, completely decade,
but what that appeared was an evil portrayed,
the devil amoung me and his debt repaid,
confused at myself and the mistakes I had made,
tears filled my eyes, strong feeling invade,
the soft voice had repeated "be not afriad",
"beware of your friends because those friends will betray",
the bright light had disappeared and time was delayed,
blood strain the cement where my body had laid,
a killer in the shadow, his face was fade,
and an unanswered question, who has betray?...
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