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02/01/2005 @ 7:34pm

It's been a while
I know I never wrote
I know I never called
But I'm here to make more than ammends
I'm here to make certain we're still friends
Because I know it's not easy
Never hearing from another
Whom you care for as deeply
As the deep end of your swimming pool
Where we swam for years on end
With the smell of your father's barbeque on the air
Don't go
Please pardon my reverie
I did not mean to leave again
You say I am here
But I am not here
I'm sorry if I enjoy dwelling in the past
But I prefer it to the looks of disgust you hold for me now
As you apologize for your lack of compassion
We talk for hours
Reliving everything
And as we part
We say our good-byes
Hoping that next one we share
Won't be too far between.
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