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The Streetcorner Preacher
01/24/2005 @ 5:29pm

Insane ramblings and the word "god"
Not the word of
Simply the word "god"
Used as if there were no tomorrow
In his exact words
The old man in the black tattered coat
With his eyes darting to and fro
Looking on as the sea of people before him rages onward
Too busy to hear his words
So he screams salvation
Which to him seems logical
And to everyone around him
Seems dark and twisted
They ignore him
As he tries to save them
Tries desperately but does not succeed
He rages and screams
He stomps and marches
He waves his arms and spits out values
Values he believes forgotten
He is just insane
That is what they say
He says that god told him the end is near
And that he should repent for his sins
Maybe that is why they think him mad
Because he listened to someone
A woman passes
And the old man stops his ranting
He looks her in the eye
Her blue, glistening eyes
With his brown, weathered eyes
And says something so only she could hear
She makes a motion
She walks away
A shot is fired
A body drops
The woman walks on
A vendor walks to the woman
Asking what the old man said
She said he asked to turn and walk away
Because something aweful was about to happen
The vendor said
Serves him right
No one should stand around yelling
Without thinking someone didn't like it
He was just crazy
The woman walked on
And with the tips of her fingers
Touches her fourhead
Her chest
Her left shoulder
And her right shoulder.

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