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How I Was Fired
07/23/2005 @ 10:21am

I went to college
Highschool and more
And when I came knocking
Opportunity opened the door

So I was high on the ladder
Doing so great
It took hard work and time
But it was worth the wait

My boss shook my hand
Congratulated me
I guess the gesture
Was more than it seemed

The secretary told me
I was needed in his office
I thought it was a good thing
Maybe a promotion

But no

He told me Iíd loose my job
If I didnít do another
To sleep with him, touch him
Get under the covers

I refused immediately
He called me a coward
I took it and walked out
Next day I was fired

So here I am
Application in hand
My hard work and effort
Destroyed by a man
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