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Musically Inventive Concealing Knight
08/24/2005 @ 8:22pm

Music with such swagger!
Piercing like a dagger!
But just what does he conceal?
Why so surreal?
What goes on behind the scene?
Why does he own an Enigma code machine?
Is there a family tie to Bletchley Park,
Or is this just a lark?
Once a student at the London School of Economics,
Not just one of the usual rock 'n' roll comics?
If he is not so bright,
Then why is he a knight?
Connected to Marianne Faithfull's father and his old profession?
Another question -
Ties to Michael Jeffrey, Jimi Hendrix's old manager,
Rumored to kill in his former profession of danger!
Was the stoned behavior and music sometimes incidental?
Was there on occasion something much more instrumental?
Just what other unknowns
Are there related to Sir Michael Philip Jagger of The Rolling Stones?

For my old friends at GCHQ and their unique use of chocolate bars.
Copyright © markh, All Rights Reserved

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