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perfect drug
10/05/2005 @ 5:14pm

--------it’s short….and prolly sucks but don’t mind---

You are my perfect drug you see?
As beautiful as you can be

I got addicted on the first try
Withdrawals making me wish I would just die

You were never just a little habit
Let me go, it’ll be the end of it

You are the needle in my vein
You are what stopped all pain

You are what I’ve missed
You are that pitiful kiss

What was it about you that I admire?
Was it how you seem to make the cuts wider?

Deeper and deeper the cuts seem to get
And memories of you won't let me forget

The way you made me smile
but shit, it isn't worthwhile

You should’ve seen the expression on my face
When rehab told me I’m a disgrace

Without you my beautiful drug I feel alone
I guess that’s what rehab had already shown………..

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