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just another death letter
11/14/2005 @ 9:11pm

I have worn out my usefulness
In the world of today
and that is the reason why
I no longer have to stay

I finally made her happy because
Tonight i say my good-bye's
To all that actually cared
and to her, who saw everything through these eyes

I never should've said anything
To make you feel that way during that night
I never should have let go
Then maybe things would be all right

It was just so damn confusing
The choices I had to make
Either way I was gonna lose someone
and all over i make the same mistake

But it already happened
I shouldn't complain
Since I will soon be gone
from the people that drove me insane

Climbing this ladder
Only to fall back down again
Each step I take
The less I gain

I get back on only with a rope
Make sure I won't reach the ground
I hear nothing but
Creeping death and it's sweetest sound

Wonder if anyone will find me
Hanging from this branch
With a bloody message on my arm
Saying "never gave me a chance"
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