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suicide note "sorry"
12/05/2005 @ 5:32pm

---yeah i found this one, kinda old but some people liked it---

Fuck you, to all my freinds
who never took the time to be there
and to the strangers
who always seemed to stop and stare

looking at my arms and
wondering why there's so many cuts
I got tired of taking pills
because it doesn't do much

I tried to hang myself
but I had no luck
somebody stopped me
I guess she actually gave a fuck

we said our goodbyes
one of my many reasons
to leave my life
in the hands of my demons


parents proud of me
thinking they've raised a good son
the reason I'm doing this
they are not the one

but soon goes bang
the gun pointed to my head
but if you're asking why
It's all in the poems you've read


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