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Dont Let It Kill You Too
03/07/2006 @ 6:39pm

Feel me bleed, watch me heal
Live the dreams that I have made real
I feel the sickness under my skin
My life is loosing meaning again
I am re-living your endless lies
I see the torture in your eyes
I cut my wrists open and watch them flow
Even if I was alive, I wouldn`t know
My life has lost it`s track
I broke from the chains holding me back
Now when people see me, they turn and run
They know some of the things that I have done
I was taught by pure hate
I couldn`t be saved, it was too late
I see you watching, I destroy your mind
I leave you pathetic remains behind
I`m only here to get you away
From all the lies headed your way
They are the one`s killing you
Without the truth, what would you do
Just look at what it`s done to me
Is this the kind of person you want to be
A person who is unnapreciated
Someone who is truly hated
Now come with me, or you will make a big mistake
But I`m warning you, it will be the last one you make
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