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You Won`t Survive
03/07/2006 @ 6:39pm

What does your life mean to you
If I threatened to take it, what would you do
You need to appreciate what you`ve got
When some people are left alone to rot
You think your better off dead
Why don`t you get that shit out of your head
If you want to die, I`ll help you out
I`ll show you what death is all about
You won`t live to see another day
Because I`m about to take it all away
This time, you can`t change your mind
Even if you run, death is all you`ll find
How does it feel knowing tomorrow you won`t be alive
Because what I am about to do to you, you cannot survive
You ran away and all you found
Was a hole for you 6 ft. in the ground
I grab my knife, and stab your chest
Soon your body will eternally rest
I stand back to watch you bleed
Watching you die is all I need
I have taken you life at no cost
You thought you won, but really you lost
Maybe now you want you normal life back
And maybe then you would keep it on track
Now that you have left this place
I can`t imagine what`s left for you to face
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