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Cupid Spare Me
07/15/2006 @ 1:19am

Pink and red atmosphere
Smiling faces, hug me, kiss me
Boys push away their fear
To write poems, mushy, mushy

Cupid spare me the arrow
I need not feel this heat
Love only leads to sorrow
Tears, lies, insults and cheats

Donít give me roses, they wilt
Donít give me chocolates, they melt
Are these cheesy cards built
To make me feel the pain you felt?

Tiny heart candies say ĎI Love Youí
Never knew sugar could lie
The bags of this Ďloveí that Iíve been through
Just head down to my thighs

Pink is for the skin you will cut
Red is for the blood that will pour
Hearts are cruelly broken, but
Thatís what Valentines Day is for

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