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03/04/2007 @ 10:40pm

I have worked my hardest
to end up back here
i tried proving myself
but i tremle in fear

I fell down before you
you're laughing insanity
I stand im a little stronger
but it's the same tragedy

am i such a disgrace?
should i be ashamed?
to be the man i am
f-ed up in everyway

as i tear open my wrist stitches
hoping I'd feel the pain
i see the blood dripping
now i finally feel the same

I can't help but feeling
so out of control
when i'm left here with no one
My heart turns to coal

Why can't i replace it?
the face of my own soul
disgusted with who i am
as the lies unfold

I remember so dark and lonely
not a person in sight
i guess im not the only one
who lost the will to fight
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