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Stagnant Water
05/12/2007 @ 3:50pm

Water collected
For three hundred and sixty five days
In the aluminum bucket
One mile from my house
In the country
Where few people go
For nothing of interest is here.

Save for that bucket
It was once empty
Devoid of anything
Then the rains came
And life began.

Dancing across the surface
The new living essence of the water
Was overwhelmingly powerful
As what some would call pests
Become lords of the bucket.

They fly and lay
They leave and return
The waters were sacred to them
A place of rebirth and love
Magic and natural at once.

But then it ended
With strength they could never understand
The magic was destroyed
Their world turned upside down
And utterly wasted.

The bucket lay now
Waiting and drying
Though the sun is strong
Clouds are appearing on the horizon
And life whispers excitedly.

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