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Death To The Coup
05/16/2007 @ 4:04pm

Started off as a simple egg
Protected by a shell and my mothers feathers
But nonetheless, soon to hatch
Not even the cold chill of winter could stop it
The first sight was my bold step
Into the world of something unknown
As a newborn, I never thought
It would be something Iíd soon call home
Spread my wings and wipe off
The sticky liquid that covered me
Thatís when I faced the hard times
Papa bird, he left us
And Mama turned into a Dodo
They fled the coup so suddenly
When I was far unready I had to
Spread my wings and take a leap
At first I fell at a speedy rate but then
I pushed myself back into the air
I evacuated the nest without warning
Grew independent with every glide
But now the birds ask me to return
After they have come back in failure
But my answer is no, I will not
I say to them, with no regret
Death to the Coup
Yes, Death to the Coup

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