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08/22/2006 @ 4:21pm

I look at the glistening tears in your eyes
Such sorrow extending through your heart and soul
Rain clouds stroll in , the worlds weeps for you and shares your sadness
One more person undeserving has been tested
Life has sent so many tests but no results
All that's left behind is the broken shards of humanity
They show the bits of loveliness and obscenities of hatred
She sees herself as ugly, but her beauty is undefinable and picturesque
Darling, never forget that people care and some would die a thousand deaths
before losing you
Whilst you are sad and broken you shine light and bring happiness to others
If only you could see the sun shining through the clouds and mist, behind
shadows of regret
Perhaps only in slumber or in death you shall find peace
Since death is not an option I hope you find peace in my embrace

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