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Radioactive Waste
05/16/2007 @ 4:01pm

Your words are like a cracked mirror
That reflects nothing, means nothing
But they’re swallowing me
Their sharp vampire teeth digging
Into the very flesh of me
No one sees the blood because I
Walk in your shadow
No one will ever notice
Drowning in water so shallow
Yet the thickness of this water
Makes the bottom full of fog
Can’t see how deep I’ll go
My lungs are soon to collapse
And I’m choking on your words
Your words, radioactive waste
That’s all they’ll ever be
Your touch is like a thousand snakes
Crawling under my skin
And you’re lucky you’re so addictive
If I could have melted away I would have
Maybe these butterflies would stop flapping
If I had shot them with bullets to
Pierce their fluttering wings until only
The lingering presence of their corpses remain
But once again your pretty words
Wisp my senses to another world
I can’t escape it and it has me hoping
That you’ll change for the better
But who am I kidding? You’ll never change
Quiet, my darling
You’d say to me as you smothered me with a pillow
It’s almost time
You’d say as you squeezed my hand
I love you
You’d say as the toxic air of your words
Filled me with a poison I could not prevent
Because they reflected nothing, meant nothing
Drowned in your radioactive waste
Because that’s all they’ll ever be

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