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06/07/2006 @ 12:47pm

Get your men armed
today is the day
the demons broke loose
all the soldiers will pay

Bomb opposing countries
kill innocent lives
take money from your people
believe in all leaders lies

Mothers weeping in fear
"will my son come back"
fathers proud
until the day son sees black

Should parents bury their children
In the cause of war
Should leaders be responsible
or is this what they signed up for

so many people dying
for their "freedom"
say goodbye son
because you'll never see them

eventually forgotten
by ones he used to love
He keeps wishing
wishing for this dove

Will Jesus come down?
Has He forgotten the holy wars?
Fire anti christ
isn't that what we're here for?

Give life for a country
that's doesn't know who you are
If you make it alive
Welcome to your life's scar
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