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Broken Sister
05/16/2007 @ 3:57pm

I know Iíll never be the perfect sister
At least not the one you want me to be
This is all I have, so go ahead and take it
You can have whatever is good enough in me

I know Iím not the smartest or the sweetest
I know Iím just someone thatís worth a laugh
I canít try to be someone that Iíll never be
So take what I am and all I have

I know Iím not someone to be proud of
Iíll pretend that I donít know you in the halls
But brother, just try to accept some of me
Because itís done, Iíve given it my all

So when I cry at night, ignore my whimpers
Pretend that I donít even live
Maybe someday youíll forget all about me
But at least I gave you all I could give

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