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Ashes In The Wind
05/16/2007 @ 3:53pm

I never in a million years
Thought you were capable of hurting me
With such an intensity that I myself
Questioned how strong I ever was
How strong I was to push you away
Tell myself I didnít need you,
Didnít love you
I shouldíve known I was lying when I
Kept checking up on you,
Kept wondering where you were,
Kept guessing who you were with
And now youíre done chasing me
You let the butterfly off itís string
But this butterfly misses itís tight string
Choking it with a passionate embrace
Now Iím crying a river for you
This time I wonít bother to float
It hurts to breathe when I know youíre gone
Before youíd always come back
But now Iíll never see you again, never
I guess Iíll have to let you go, but in the end
Iíll let go of myself
Because I love you and not any of those
Clichť loves with happily ever after
Iíd die without you and I can already feel myself
Disintegrating in my own hands
The wind will carry away my ashes
Flowing through the breeze
Then maybe one day theyíll brush against you
And maybe youíll think of me

Maybe youíll think of me

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