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The Dawn Doesn't Come
05/17/2007 @ 10:12pm

"The Dawn Doesn't Come"

Down in the last great city
The one filled with misery
I sat alone listening to Dylan
The last of my true friends
I wondered aloud
Why am i so proud
When i turned my back to the crowd
I've given everything, now I'm nothing
But i guess thats still something
Another casualty of American life
Filled to no end with strife
Screaming to everyone to end this war
Cause theres nothing worth killing for
There are better ways to settle a score
But no one hears
Our leader filled them with fear
And the devil has taken too many souls
Hurting our Saviour's ultimate goal
More casualties of American life
Lost in believing lies
Only changed by the coming of the morning sun
But the day is never done
So the dawn doesn't come
So the dawn doesn't come

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