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i beLIEved her
07/28/2006 @ 3:25am

I believed her, when she wrote a note saying sorry
I believed her, she said she wouldn't do it again
I guess what they have is stronger
I guess I should be glad we didn't last longer
It's just today I heard the miserable news
I probably should've followed the clues
Sisters saying"what about the other guy"
and you would disappear without telling me why
2 months now, it has passed midnight
i dont know how, but with you it felt so right
I can still remember, just how you taste
but I believed her, guess our time's a waste
to you I've been nothing but nice
and now i figure its time to pay the price
I can't believe I thought you could be the one
I can't believe you were playing with me, was it fun?
I've been here too long, felt this too many times
cheated, betrayed my word, so bring on my rhymes
In the beginning, remember what we said?
we wouldnt fuck around, wont end up in some other person's bed
I should've listened to the boys, pull the fuck and ditch
but that isnt me, I believed you could be my bitch
But now you showed me, you cannot be trusted
You probably just look at me disgusted
If my heart wasn't already dead, you could break it
but you just fucked with my head, so I know I can take it
i beLIEveD you

Dedicated to L.C.W

Copyright © chaotik55, All Rights Reserved

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