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Silent Pain
08/14/2006 @ 2:02pm

Shattered silence of the broken mind
All he wants is to leave the pain behind
He gets on the bus and goes to the back
Wishing he could get his life back on track
Everyone he comes across, labels him a freak
Once strong, the pain has made him weak
All he wants is his life to be normal again
But he has already committed to his final sin
of all the pain, the torture, the lies
The tears start to fill his innocent eyes
He feels that he has nothing to live for
But at least he won`t be hurting anymore
All he wanted was someone to care
But when he needed them, no-one was there
But now he knows that this is the day
When all his pain and suffering goes away
He gets off the bus, his head down low
Why he is crying, they do not know
He pulls out the gun, lifts it to his head
All he really wants now is to be dead
That`s when she walked up and asked "why"?
All he said is " I want to die "
She calmly asked him to put the gun down
Looking into her beautiful eyes, he threw it to the ground.
She grabs his hand and takes him for a walk
She was the only one to get him to talk
His dad is dead, his mom has cancer
He was just trying to search for an answer
Everyone tortured him, he never had a friend
He wanted the pain to come to an end
She grabbed his hand and said " I`ll be there for you"
Because I know exactly what you`re going through
My parents died when I was three
And I never had anyone to love me
I spent most of my life alone
But my pain has never really shown
He looks into her eyes, he knows it`s real
She is the only one who can make his pain heal
It starts to get late, she walks him home
She doesn`t want to leave him alone
The next morning, he looks around
But she is nowhere to be found
On the couch, there is a note
He opened it up and read what she wrote
" I`m sorry I had to leave you this way
But I can`t take care of you everyday
I could tell that we would grow to be more than friends.
But all of the good things must come to an end
I was sick, and I was slowly dying
But that never kept me from trying
I really did want to be with you
But you never felt the pain I was going through
Please don`t hate me, but understand
I never meant for this to happen, it was all unplanned
Trust me, we will never be apart
Because I love you and you will always be in my heart"
He fell to his knees, and started to cry
The only thing that came out of his mouth was "why"
he grabs a gun and walks out the door
He doesn`t want to go on without her anymore
He felt like he was left behind
And now no-one can change his mind
Once again, he pulls the gun to his head
He pulled the trigger, and now he`s dead
They were buried close together
And now they will be side by side forever
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