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Now That I Found You
08/14/2006 @ 9:38pm

The years we lost together, I regret
But please remember that I never did forget
If I would have known that it would be this way
I would have done everything to make you stay
You brought alive the part of me that was dead
And when I should have stayed with you, I got lost instead
No matter how long it has been
I know there is a reason we found each other again
The way I really felt about you, I did not show
And now that you are here, I will never let you go
I want to spend my life with you
And I will never put you through the shit I`ve been through
I can`t explain the way you make me feel
But it feels like you are the only good thing in my life that`s real
Now that I found you, it`s hard to keep you off my mind
When before, I found it easy to leave the thoughts behind
But I want to prove to you that you are the only one
Even though I feel like I don`t deserve you for the things I have done
But I am hoping that soon we will be together
But this time, I want to keep you forever

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