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Death To All
08/15/2006 @ 10:42am

You look fucked up but I`m not really sure
Been bitten by the snake that has no cure
It`s all moving way too fast
You see the painful memories left in the past
Then it shocks you what you feel
How can this excessive pain be so real
You can`t remember what anyone said
Until it eats away your flesh, and gets into your head
Then you realize from all the pain
How fucking bad you`ve gone insane
All you can do is beg please
But still people chase you away like a fucking disease
How can anyone deal with this shit
Withought fucking losing it
Then it comes quickly for you to learn
That everyone should get their fucking turn
You slash open your head with a knife
Taking away your insane life
These fucking people have come off the hinge
And now you seek your deadly revenge
All the people who put you through living hell
Will have to live through your lifelong spell
It is to your only desire
To light the whole fucking world on fire
They brought it to themselves, so now it`s their turn
To feel this deadly, unreal burn
You can hear their begging pain
But still you show no shame
You can`t give up without a fight
As the flames get hotter through the night
You begin to hear the pleading lies
As it all flashes before your eyes
They beg and beg for this to stop
But you are finally on top
What were these people thinking, treating you like shit
Who cares, now they will fucking burn for it
As you try to take their only soul
You are finally under total control
But then as they start to rise
It comes to your suprise
These people come to you begging please
Take away our lifelong disease
You can`t believe what you hear
But then you start to feel the fear
Why does it take so long
For them to feel what they did wrong
But then the flames become higher and higher
All you can see now is the deadly fire
Once you think you are the king
You realize you can`t have everything
Then the fire uncontrolably starts to extend
As your insane life comes to it`s end
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