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My Life Forever
08/15/2006 @ 10:51am

This is not the pain I asked for
Trying to end it only leads to more
Every day only ends the same
I`m tired of playing this endless game
I open my eyes to see the hate
But then I close them before it`s too late
The way I live many others despise
Just a shitty life filled with eternal lies
This whole world is really fucked
But it hasn`t always sucked
I had the pain that was actually real
Pain that I could always feel
The feelings I have shut down in my mind
Are always here, never left behind
Why do I do the shit that I do
Have someone endlessly fuck with you
Get`s into your mind, fucks with your head
What would you rather have instead
Problem is, you can have it your fucking way
But my fucking problems are here to stay
Come with me and I will let you see
That you can`t last a day if you were me
Maybe you should see the shit I go through
Happy and thankful the shit hasn`t happened to you
You and your "friends" have fun together
Just remember, this is my life, forever
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