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03/19/2007 @ 6:10pm

this death hidden in me
deep with in my body
causes my sides to split
i keep my eyes dry without tears
with a tight grip and grit

an animal reaction is to pull away
to go to a place to spend my last day
nobody to see me die
nobody to see me shake with the wish to cry
a Shadow of something in the sky to cover me
a crow is to what i see

i look around at my lonely surroundings
and hold close my small findings
my life and its memory
scarier then any nightmare could be

a human wish, a human need
something my animal nor demon know how to feed
for someone to not be blind
for someone who's goal is my soul to find
to force me to let them hold me close
but alone in my woods of dead trees
the only things to keep me company
is the black crows

i will sit alone with my eyes open
to watch the world
i will sit alone with my eyes open
waiting for my unknown fate to soon unfurl
i look to a empty dark sky
and feel nothing but the question why

and the company that i have
my coal black crows
come in
to let me known i am to forget my sin
i am to rise and remember i am of a fantasy kin
my coal black crows
remind me this is a fight i must win

i begin to tingle, goosebumps along my skin
the power rising from within
my question of why
my coal black crows answer
was simply not to die
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