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Trust just ain't there
09/25/2006 @ 3:55pm

You have burnt me before,
The wound is still there,
Trying to keep from loving you is like a chore,
You act as though you are unaware,
I say I love you,
Because I do,
But when you say the same,
It all just feels like a game,
I canít help the way I feel,
No more than you can help your personal appeal.
Donít mind me if I walk out the door,
The wall around my heart is getting weak,
And I donít want to love you anymore,
Just please, do not speak,
I do not wish to hurt us more than I must,
So please let me leave in peace,
And let what was between us rust,
Then our love will forever be ceased,
And we both know how happy,
We both would be.

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