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10/03/2006 @ 8:52pm

There is an empty void inside me,
Searching for something to fill it,
Something to set me free,
I find I must admit,
I have loved you since the first,
You were too good for me,
But I still thirst,
I just want to be happy,
Why can't I be happy?
I feel lower than low,
I feel crappy,
Could you pull me back up,
Back into the stars,
Where I used to drink from your cup,
And we would share our scars,
Constantly fretting over each other,
Frantically telling our secrets,
Without holding back from the other,
But I will admit,
Leaving was the worst,
Always wanting one last look into your eyes,
Afraid my heart would burst,
I always realized I must leave my prize,
I promised never to turn back,
But then I did,
When my heart turned black,
And I have never felt more like a kid,
So I leave you with this,
Do as you must in your lifetime,
But don't end up in an abyss,
Unless your prepared to climb.
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