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Let me in
10/16/2006 @ 6:37pm

I know your secrets,
Some you have told me,
Others you attempted to cover with wits,
So to you I decree,
I will always be there through your sadness,
I will always be a shoulder for you to cry on,
I will be the punching bag that you need,
I will be the crutch for you to lean against,
I love you with everything I have,
I love your imperfections more than you would ever know,
All you have to do is let me in,
It pains me to see you covering it all up,
You try so hard,
Yet I see right through it,
Open the door,
Let me in,
Donít be scared,
I promise to never hurt you,
I promise to never leave you vulnerable,
I promise to always love you with more than just my heart,
I promise to love you with my soul,
Put down the blade,
Donít hurt yourself anymore,
Canít you see me through the fog?
Here I am,
Just come to me when you are ready,
When you need me,
I will always be here.

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