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The Younger Days
05/16/2007 @ 7:57pm

Oh how i miss the days.
Dig deep in the snow to make a maze.
I was warned life was to be more complicated.
So all my childhood was dated.
I'm 14 now
And everything has gone wrong somehow.
The days grow colder
As i get older.
My fears turn to rage.
I want my future to be on stage
My younger days are gone, they passed.
Bring my love to me at last.
Don't be afraid to bring me what i want.
I feel like i have to haunt.
Don't make me go to hell.
I don't want to hear that bell.
It tells me I'm alone.
I only wish i had a home.
Bring me to life,
Pass me a knife,
Say my name,
Give me fame,
The old days are dead.
I'm so tired, i want to go to bed.
Darling, I'm sick of lying.
Inside, I'm slowly dying.
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