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When We Die
12/31/2006 @ 5:32pm

Why did God put us on this place?
Is it our worst fears he wants us to face?
When we are lost, does he show us the way?
When we sin, does he still hear us pray?
When it is dark, does he help us see?
When we die, does he set us free?
Does he comfort us when we cry?
And do we really find our purpose before we die?
Where is he when we are treated like shit?
When we are scared, who helps us through it?
When we need help, does he really care?
Or is there a chance he could actually be there?
Why are the innocent ones the first to go?
Will we ever find out why, will we ever know?
If we wanted to could we change our own fate?
Or do we just wait until its too late?
What is wrong with the world we live in?
Are we just waiting for the end to begin?
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