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No-one Cried
02/14/2007 @ 9:10pm

Tonight was going to be the perfect night
The only time in his life that everything felt right.
Looking at the diamond ring, he wondered why she was late
He didn`t understand why she would make him wait.
He tried to call her, only to get voicemail
Something was wrong he could already tell.
He kept waiting, hoping she would show
But as it got later and later, he decided to go.
Tonight he wanted to prove his love to her so bad
But all he could think of was how her being late made him so damn mad.
What he didn`t know was, after extra hours at work, she was headed home
And no matter how hard she tried, she could not get service on her phone.
He was at home, hoping and waiting for her to call
But as hours passed, he figured she wouldn`t call at all.
They had plans and she wasn`t even there
Then he thought, " I bet she doesn`t even care."
The next day, he read a headline that said
Single car wreck leaves woman dead.
He kept thinking, this cannot be real
Loneliness and pain was all he could feel.
He hid in the dark alone, only to cry
Hoping he would be the next to die.
He knew no-one else would make him feel this way
He was hoping it was a dream and everything would be o.k.
He couldn`t handle her not being around
And he couldn`t do anything when they lowered her in the ground.
Love was something he would never again be able to find
Because he could not get that night out of his mind.
He regreted being so damn angry
But now he wanted to set his emotions free.
And that is why no-one cried
When the headlines read, Man commits suicide.
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