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Up to you
04/21/2007 @ 4:26am

All of this turmoil going on inside,
I know not what rules to abide by,
I try to take things in stride,
But no matter how hard I try,
You refuse to speak to me,
To allow me to understand,
To let this blind man see,
It seems like you have it all planned,
I am but a puppet on the end of your string,
And you are yet my master,
Tugging at the thing,
The thing that is causing my disaster,
One step at a time,
One emotional feeling after another,
Donít you see that this should be a crime?!
But in your life you are the only one that will matter,
Live your life how you want it,
But just remember you are the one who decides,
However, when the pieces donít quite fit,
Remember who was always at your side.

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