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Oh Beautiful Southern Night (At Dawn Our Blood Will Run Red And We Will Play Dead)
05/20/2007 @ 5:35pm

Oh Beautiful Southern Night (At Dawn Our Blood Will Run Red And We Will Play

Oh beautiful southern night
Show me the light
This pain in me
Is killing the dreams
We swallowed so sweet
Now it's just this lonely
It burns
It Yearns
To have more
It's lies you cant ignore

The future is unreal
It's fake, I cant feel
The way I did when there was something left here to steal
Now my skin just wants to peel
And this darkness
Only holds regrets
The devil will wage his bet
Will you lose your head
Or climb into the depression bed
And cover your head
For there arent any smiles
Left here in denial

Oh beautiful southern night
Deep purple sky
Will we fly
Or die
Cold and tired
Consumed by this fire
So deprived
Of happy eyes
Restless hearts cry
Disturbed by time
And what was left behind
Can you find
My mind
It turned cold
With no one to hold
And found a place
To cave
On a beautiful southern night

Dont cry
Soon maybe we'll lie
And say we're fine
And bend
Fighting the break that leads to the end
Calling death a friend
Never again
To fall victim to this evil sin
Bend, break
How much can you take
Tomorrow you will wake
To fate
And we'll dream of how the night moves
so blue
Stranger now with nothing to lose
But you
Watch it going down
Afraid of the sounds
We'll hear under ground
When we sleep in disgrace
At home in shallow graves

Grips the chest
Thick in the air

Oh beautiful southern night
Open our eyes
Answer these lengthy questions laced with whys
End this fight
Bring the sun to rise
For at dawn
We won't feel alone
Our blood will run red
And we'll play dead
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