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A Day
05/14/2007 @ 8:43pm

Today is Mother’s day,
A day where you’re with your creator,
The one that held you closer than anyone ever could,
Helped you learn the most
About the important things in life,
Held you and protected you,
Helped you up when you fell,
And always bandaged you up with magic kisses.
The one who has been by your side every step of the way,
Never wandering from the same path as you,
Even if she was a few feet in front of you,
Or a few feet behind...
The one that knows you better than anyone,
The one who has watched you grow,
Even in the smallest of ways,
And seen you tackle the biggest of feats.
The one who fights with you,
To show how much she cares.
And the one who cries,
To show how proud she is.
The one who you admire the most,
And the one you are the most proud of,
The one who understands you,
And knows you better than anyone else.
The one you are glad for just simply existing…
And are glad to know she feels the same way about you.
The one that is your best friend,
And would go to the ends of the world
if it meant only for you.

...and for all this,
you only get a day...

I just want to let you know,
That to me...
...You deserve more than a day.

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