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My strength
06/08/2007 @ 5:38pm

You hoped I would get my strength,
I have mixed emotions on this,
You see I have searched at a great length,
And I have found that it does exist.

However my strength is not with me currently,
Nor is it so far I canít reach,
I donít know how to describe it exactly,
Itís a subject I try not to breach.

My strength is a beautiful thing,
It really is,
And whatever my strength may bring,
Is worth the bliss after all the fizz.

My strength has been with me for a few years now,
Always just a stones throw away,
But knowing it will always be there is leaving me with doubts,
And feelings leaning towards me being grey.

I donít know what I would do without it,
Nothing too stupid I am sure,
Probably just throw a fit,
But itís something I have learned to endure.

However there is something you should know,
The missing link,
To my miraculous show,
You, you are my strength.

You know who you are,
You have been there for me to keep me sane,
You are never too far,
After all I could just jump on a plane.

I miss you more than the desert misses its water,
I like you more than I care to admit to,
I love you more than Shakespeare could put it into words,
I need you more than anyone knew.

I am not seeking more than you see,
I am just sharing my feelings with my best friend,
You fill my heart full of glee,
And I hope there will never be an end.
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