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07/22/2007 @ 9:55pm

I showed you grace, i showed you beauty
I showed you power, love and care.
Never put a hoof just wrong, showed them I was strong.
You said you’d love me forever till forever may end,
But when I needed you most, to the slaughter house I was sent.
I heard their screams I heard their pain,
As horses struggled away in vain.
There was no beauty in this place, just pain and death galore,
It was full of pain and the smell of blood, my heart felt betrayed and
You were my friend, you were my master,
For you I ran races one step faster.
I put in effort, I put in love,
I trusted the Father from above.
Never did I stop to trust my master and my friend,
Why did he then put an end, leave my heart crooked and bent?
I never stopped before a jump, no matter how high,
I cleared it in a wink of eye, flying through the sky.
Not because I was so brave, don’t comprehend
But because I had trust in my master, my greatest friend.

In the field I grazed each day, the field that gave me food,
I ran and bucked and reared and raced, till I was in a mood.
But then my master would come to catch me for a ride,
I would stand still, head held high with a fiery pride.
For now I knew for sure, no one would compare
The greatest living friendship, the friendship that we share.
In the arena I was good, at the A sign there I stood.
Then move forward, cross feet over left foot to the right,
And at the starting gate ahead, there I took flight.
I won the race not for glory, nor for fame,
Not for stud fees nor for gain.
I won the race for my friend, my master proud
Thats why they call me Mahmoud.
It means good friend and trusted steed,
And that I was, yes indeed.

At a race one day, I had a fall
I didn’t get up nor tried to stand,
My leg hurt and my face full of sand.
I lay there in a pool of blood, the pain to much to bare.
Though I never was afraid, my master would be there.
All I heard was shouts and anger, as if I did something wrong,
I heard my masters voice, it sounded like a song.
Until I heard him say ‘to slaughter’
My heart was bleeding, I couldn’t believe my eyes
My trusted friend and master was saying his goodbyes.
He took one look into my face, mumbled ‘what a waste’
I felt the betrayal flow through me, as ‘tears’ ran down my face.
He had hit a nerve, killed me at my base,
I didn’t need the slaughter house, for I was dead inside.
Without my master by my side, my pride and joy was gone.
I stood there all cold and dark, looking all forlorn.
No one came to fetch me, no one even cared. There I stood in pain and agony,

as my life came to an end.

No more fiery pride to show, no more spirit free.
And most of all, not quite where I would want to be.
Not beside my ‘trusted’ friend, my master all pretend.
Never will I forget, the look in his eye that day.
It was as though he didn’t know, just quite what he wants to say.
Can it then be possible, that all good things must end?
Or have I spent my whole life thinking, that I have a friend?
Never did I believe, that friendship was a game,
Nor did this brain of mine, think about the shame.
The shame you feel when your let down,
The shame that comes from pain.
He used my body and my heart,
Thinking he was smart.
But now I know for guts and glory,
You get ‘the end’ of your lifetime story.

I’m happy and I have new joy,
A new friend has been found.
Her name Alana, with her wings held proud.
Her angel face full of spirit I once felt.
But never will I forget my friend,
My master all pretend.
But thanks to you, it was to heaven I was sent!!
Now I know that its quite possible,
Friendship can still end.
For there was no more love nor caring
When you went to a life of daring.
When you took me all for granted,
Now our paths to glory, has miserably parted.
Even with new friends around , I am so heavy hearted.

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