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Take in Your Past
08/19/2007 @ 12:12pm

I sit here now,
And I think of the past, distant memories
Of my life.
Crying about what has happened to my life,
But when I look back,
I think,
Wow, I have gone through a lot.
I have cried so many tears,
And have had so many thoughts that were never said.
I have vented so much
Through these poems.
I guess you could say,
It makes me feel better.
When I was looking into my past,
I realized so many have cared,
And love me for who I am.
I also realized that I shouldn't care
About what others think.
It only matters about what I think
And the people who really matter to me think.
My past has had many dark moments,
At all costs and no matter what happened,
My friends got me through the past,
And looking toward the future that I want.
Today, I look into my past because as they say,
“Those, who don’t understand their past, have no future.”
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