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08/21/2007 @ 12:15am

I have given up on You today,
You said you would always be there for me,
You said you would always help me find my way,
Now it feels like I have just hit a tree.

You always let me down,
You always make me cry out in rage,
You always make me frown,
You make it feel like I am trapped in a cage.

I am tired of your shit,
I am tired of always being scared of your wrath,
This is it- I am through- I quit,
And because of You I am taking a different path.

I am sorry Lord,
But You have let me down for the last time,
I am tired of Your word,
I am tired of the hypocritical lies.

I wish You were real,
Then I could give You a bloody nose,
But that wouldn't do it justice to the way I feel,
I still believe it's worth a shot- who knows.

How could such a great being,
Be so heartless and cruel,
Everyone is seeing,
But You've made everyone a fool.

The master illusionist,
God almighty,
I am finally understanding you- getting the jist,
Just leave me alone and go sip Your tea.

This is goodbye,
I no longer wish to try,
I know You won't cry,
Just continue to spread Your lie.

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