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09/01/2007 @ 9:43pm

You tell your little white lies,
Like everyone is fool,
Like we all have no eyes,
And you're on a pedestal.

You think you are deceiving us,
Making us think there is something under that pretty smile,
When all there is is just coal that will soon turn to dust,
You make me sick- you are so vile.

I am through with your lies,
Your nonhchalant omissions,
I am burning our ties,
And destroying my wishes.

My blood has been boiled,
I have eaten the last piece of crow,
My plans have been spoiled,
But I believe healthier I will grow.

My roots must catch up,
My branches have been trimmed,
I am climbing out of this rut,
I am on the brim.

If all you're going to do is lie again,
Then leave me be,
I don't want to be thrown in,
Thrown into your horrific sea.

I see the horizon where I will party,
If you are human enough you may join,
But you might as well flee,
If your going to be a pain in my groin.
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