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Beauty Queen
09/07/2007 @ 6:22pm

A beauty queen
of only 17
with painted nails
and a smile that never fails

But underneath is a world of lies
behind the curtain this princess cries
so let her take the stage in good graces and fake smiles
hiding under her make-up all of her heartbroken trials

Endless training in gowns and heels
never showing what the crown doesn't feel
its time to break down the body and tear down the pride
all for the beauty simply implied

A round of applause and bright lights
she wonders if she'll win tonight
she fights back fears
and holds back tears
all in the dreams
of becoming a 17 year old beauty queen

So tell a lie but don't tell a soul
this girl has been a fool
she let her dreams out of sight
and let her parent's steal the light

Now she'll take a bow and end her reign
resigning to the crown she never did gain
all in the dreams
of becoming a 17 year old beauty queen
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