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Failure to Notice
10/08/2007 @ 4:59am

I am glad you didn't notice my additions,
The bloody gashes that remain from the blade,
There doesn't need to be any exhibitions,
There needs not be any stories to trade.

It makes me happy you do not question,
All the things I have been swallowing lately,
Yellow, Red, white, Grey, Blue, and even pink with such agression,
All these little capsules I have swallowed greatly.

I am joyous that you haven't noticed my new addictions,
These new things I am trying,
It just means there will be no corrections,
And none of your silly crying.

All of this just means that I have found something to replace you,
A blade to cut me deeper than the gash in my heart,
Along with better things to swallow than the words given by you,
And something real that I am addicted to- tearing me apart.

So now that I no longer need you,
What will happen,
What will you do,
Now that my senses have been sharpened.
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